Anxiety or Intuition?

I got married over the weekend. The nights before the big day I couldn’t sleep. My mind was racing and I had butterflies in my belly. Since I was awake I had plenty of time to process whether I was being warned by my Inner Guidance System or whether this was pre-wedding jitters.

I thought about the other times I had such intense anxiety and was able to discern a difference in the quality of how it felt this time. Many years before I had been dating a man who was not good for me. Every time I would reach out to him I would get a cramping in my belly. I told myself it was just fear of putting myself out there when actually it was my intuition telling me not to go down that path. Of course, I did. Time and time again. Always ignoring what my body was telling me.

This time, there was excitement mixed in with the knowing that my whole life was going to change. I had never been married before and at 56 years of age that seemed a bit daunting to me. When I told my partner about it he reassured me that if I needed more time I could take it. I didn’t. I knew this was right because I could feel it in my body. There has never once been a feeling of don’t go down this path with him.

I believe there are many ways our Inner Guidance System tries to communicate with us. The body is just one of many. How does your Inner Guidance System talk to you? I would love to hear your stories.

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