Deep Surrender

I have been in the process of Deep Surrender these past couple of weeks. Surrender is not something I do once, and then I’m done. I have to surrender over and over again. This yielding has been a lesson in patience with Self. I have a habit of holding on so tight. That gripping like my life depends on it has been a problem of mine most of my life. I’ve been grasping so long and hard that now there is numbness in my hands and feet (neuropathy). This pain began last year but seemed to dissipate with a diet change. However, now it is back, and I know that there is more than diet contributing to the pain.

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Why am I holding on for dear life, you ask? Because I am afraid. I think I came out of the womb in survival mode. My mother told me I would be stiff as a board whenever she tried to cuddle me. This fear led me to try and control every outcome, so I could feel safe. Even now, when I am truly safe, I still try to manage all the details of my life because this habit has existed as long as I can remember.

Pain As a Motivator

The first time I heard the phrase pain as a motivator, I was sitting in a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous. At that time, I understood the phrase’s meaning to be someone hitting bottom so hard they could no longer avoid their problems.

Well, I’ve hit my bottom, or it’s more like the two-by-four has hit me. Like an addict who goes out and relapses, I’ve had to learn the lesson of surrender repeatedly. But, this time, I’m listening, though my ears still ring from that wack alongside the head.

The Empowered Present

I’m letting go one moment and one breath at a time. So when I slip out of the present moment and into my busy mind, I pull myself back, breathe, and remember that surrender means freedom, not loss of Self.

I know that there is an opportunity here in this challenge to let go and allow Life to unfold. It is time I take back my power and live in the present moment. I give my power away whenever I step out of the present. As Louise Hay says, “The point of power is in the present moment.” And the Course In Miracles says, “In my defenselessness, my safety lies.” This means it is time to drop my armor, start trusting Life and live in the now. It is only in the present that I can live fully empowered.

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Mindful Eating Tips

  1. Be fully present. When we are not fully present, we are disconnected from our bodies, and it is easy to overeat. Before you take your first bite, put your awareness into your feet. This will bring you into your body.
  2. Breathe. We are often in a hurry when we eat and end up gulping down our food. When we remember to breathe, we slow down and are more inclined to notice the nuance of flavors on our tongues.
  3. Appreciation. When we appreciate our food, we become one with the life-giving gift of the food we eat.

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Divine Nourishment

Photo by Simon Berger

Are you feeling nourished from the Divine? What does that even mean? 


to sustain with food or nutriment; supply with what is necessary for life, health, and growth.

to cherish, foster, keep alive, etc.

to strengthen, build up, or promote.

Many of us feel depleted these days as the effects of the last two years and current events continue to take their toll. We seek comfort, and those around us don’t have anything to give. So we look to other means for sustenance.  

Some of us seek nourishment outside ourselves. But unfortunately, drugs, sex, alcohol, shopping, technology, and other addictions take the place of Divine Connection, which separates us more than we were before.  

What if Divine Nourishment were as simple as watching the sunrise or the sun set? Maybe it is a long deep breath into the lungs. Or the laugh of a loved one. I am suggesting that the Divine is all around us all of the time. It’s up to us to pay attention. But, if it is that simple, why don’t we connect all of the time? That is where the true epidemic lies, outside of the present moment. We get caught up in our daily lives and forget that the Divine is within us, right here, right now.

How do we change that? I believe this is where a spiritual practice comes in. Like in meditation, we bring our awareness back to the present moment. For example, while washing the dishes, bring your attention to the feel of the water on your hands. While petting your cat, notice the texture of its fur against your skin. When eating an apple notice the sweetness on the tongue. The present moment is where we experience Divine Nourishment. Bring yourself back again and again. That is where the practice part comes in.

What nourishes you in these challenging times?

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A Prayer for Physical Healing

What if becoming present were as simple as putting awareness in your feet? That is what my Spirit Guide, Grandfather suggests you do to experience both the present moment and to experience Presence. He also leaves us with a prayer for physical healing. If you felt the energy of this transmission please leave me a message in the comment line.

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What if. . .

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately. Who hasn’t been, right? The world seems to be such a scary place to live in nowadays. My anxiety has been over the top, so much so that I’ve felt like crawling out of my skin. Being in fear is not how I want to live my life.

When I get this way, and it’s not often, I have to dig deep into my toolbox to find my equilibrium. Yoga, mediation, exercising, journaling, and walking in nature are my go-to tools.

The most powerful tool I’ve recently employed is changing my perspective. Unfortunately, today’s media, whether news or social, contributes to our daily fears. Rarely do we see the good in humanity reported these days.

“Fear is addictive.”

It is up to us to jump off the fear bus and dive into the deep end of the peace pool. We do this by changing our minds. This is not an easy task as fear can be very addictive. Have you found yourself going back for more and more bad news? I have.

This morning I woke up and realized that I have been buying into the belief that uncertainty means pain, challenge, and death. So I decided to change my mind by pondering the idea that uncertainty can also mean the possibility of positive change. What side of uncertainty do you want to dwell on today?

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Mindfulness Tip: Practicing Presence

I have been “practicing” Presence for a very long time now. However, up until recently, I have not been practicing well.

But, at the beginning of this new year, something changed. I can’t tell you precisely what occurred to instill in me this desire to take my practice to another level. It could simply be my soul’s call to go deeper within myself. And, the only way to get there is by being present.

Present – being, existing or occurring at this time or now.

I have noticed that I leave my body when not present. I seem to float somewhere around the area of my head. It’s probably due to all the thinking that my mind likes to engage in. However, when I find myself in this space, I have been bringing my awareness to my feet. This immediately brings me into my body and back into the present moment. I often have to do this many times per day.

The point of power is in the present moment.

Louise Hay

I love Louise Hay’s quote, “The point of power is in the present moment.” When we are not present, we give our power away. We don’t even realize that we are doing it. But, once we are aware, we can change our behavior.

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6 Steps to Staying Motivated

Many of us are motivated to eat right, exercise, live healthy, etc., but staying motivated is more challenging.

Here are a few ways that I have learned to keep my mojo flowing over the years.

Know Your Why:   If your reason for making healthy change isn’t strong, you can quickly become unmotivated. For instance, wanting to look good in a bathing suit this summer vs. desiring to live a long healthy life are two completely different sentiments. The first why feels temporary. The second why feels like a long-term commitment to self.

Gamify It:  Making diet and exercise a game has changed my thinking around the process. For example, I sometimes use a calorie app to manage my food intake. As I enter my food into the app, I try to see how close I can get to my allotted calories without exceeding them. Instead of being rigid and stressed out with the app as I was in the beginning it now has become a game I can have fun with.

Tracking: Tracking is a process where you use a visual aid to keep the motivation going. Like me, you can use an app or stars on a wall calendar. I go into detail in this prior post on how to do this. Like the above tip, tracking also works to gamify your exercise. When I see stars filling up my calendar each day, I feel like I am winning the game.

Mentor/Coach:  Connect with people already where you want to be to help guide and support you on your journey. Not only will they help you stay accountable to yourself and teach you methods for success, but they can also be your greatest cheerleader.

The Buddy System:  Surround yourself with positive people. Find a friend, family member, or a support group to keep your mojo flowing. Making lifestyle changes with a buddy can make doing the work fun. For example, my husband and I have the same long-term lifestyle goals. So having him by my side makes what can often be hard work enjoyable.

Reward Yourself:  When my husband and I started being mindful of our diet, we realized that we needed to have one treat a week to relieve the pressure of being vigilant for the rest of the time. The first time we permitted ourselves to do this, we went a little crazy. It took a few weeks, but we are now down to sugar-free chocolate pudding with light whipped cream on a Saturday night. We needed to be excessive in the beginning to learn that we didn’t want to be excessive.

Note:  A reward does not have to be food! It can be bringing yourself on a date, having that glass of wine, or buying a new pair of shoes.

Bonus Tip

Be Gentle With Yourself:  You will not do “it” perfectly all of the time. However, that does not mean you have failed. The key is to start again and then again if you need to. That is part of the fun of playing any game. You keep playing until you’ve won the game.

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How To Stay Present

A recent conversation I had with my guides.

Me:  How do I become present?  

Guides:  Breathe. 

Me: Argh! I’m tired of that answer. You’ve been telling me that for years.

Guides:  And we will keep telling you that as many times as you ask the question.  

Me:  So, I guess I need to ask how to stay present?  

Guides:  Ah, that is the question we’ve been waiting for. Our question back to you is why don’t you stay present.

Me:  Because I have to get stuff done! If I’m not thinking about the next thing that needs to get done, I’ll forget to do it, and then I won’t get things done and then, and then. . . 

Guides:  What happens if you don’t get things done?

Me:  Then I am a failure. Wow, I did not know that was in there.

Guides:  See, a little dialog gets you where you need to be. You realize now that fear of failure keeps you from staying in your body and the present moment.  

Is it true that you are a failure if you don’t get things done?

Me:  No. It isn’t. But it feels scary. I feel a tightness in my chest when I even think about it. I define so much of my worth by how much I can accomplish in a day. So it bothers me when I have to slow down. I feel as if I am going to fail myself. I know that no one else has these expectations of me. This is something I put onto myself.

How can I shift this?

Guide:  Trust. Trust that you will get what you need to get done. We know this feels scary but try it as an experiment. Take this moment, breathe and follow the Flow of Life. The Flow of Life has no other desire of you than to experience joy. If you follow the Flow of Life, everything gets done precisely when needed. No efforting required.

Me:  That feels peaceful when I think of it this way. O.K. I’m going to give it a go. This feels huge. 

My worth is not determined by how much I get done! My worth is not determined by how much I get done. I am safe. I am safe. I am safe.  

I guess I didn’t realize there was a safety element in this. That may be a dialog for another day.

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Using Tracking to Create A Healthy Habit

Tracking is a process where you use a system to motivate yourself to create a healthy habit. For example, I use foil stars on a calendar to encourage getting my steps in for the day. The more stars I accumulate, the more motivated I am to exercise. 

Before I had the cooties, I was committed to 10,000 steps a day. I perceived anything under 10,000 steps as a failure. Once I began to recover, I realized that I needed to change the rigidity around my practice. I was no longer willing to beat myself up over what I hadn’t done. Instead, I decided to reward myself for my accomplishments.

As my health came back online, I realized that 10,000 steps a day was no longer a realistic goal for me. So instead, I created a tier system. 

Della’s Step Reward System

Silver Star = 7,000 

Gold Star = 8,000+ 

Super Star (Gold Star with a black dot) = 10,000+ 

Unicorn = 11,000+

If I don’t get at least 7,000 steps, there is no star on the calendar. But, as a competitive person by nature, I don’t want to see a gap on the calendar. So the holes there are because my body needed a rest day.

One night, I had slept only a few hours. I taught a yoga class the following day and had a chiropractor adjustment right after. I knew that I was unlikely to get my steps in due to a lack of sleep the night before. I napped when I got home and found myself towards the end of the day with 5,000 steps already accumulated. Knowing that I do not like gaps on my calendar, I felt motivated to get 2,000 more steps, then I did 1,000 more, and as I like being a superstar, I got 10,000 steps in by the end of the day. As I had honored my body’s need for rest, I could then honor my competitive nature by winning the day.

Here is the tracking device I use.

Tracking is not a new process for me, but I forgot what an effective tool it can be to keep me motivated. Listening to Stephen Guise, the author of Elastic Habits on The One You Feed podcast, brought this tool to my awareness. It inspired me so much that I bought his book!

What tools do you use to motivate you to practice healthy habits?

Note:  As I live in the boonies of Northern Minnesota, and it is frickin cold during the winter, I use this rebounder to get the majority of my steps on most days.

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