I Am Not A Procrastinator!

I would never use the words procrastinator to describe myself. I am a doer! I have even been guilty of using how much I accomplish to measure my self-worth. My filing in-box, increasing in size every week, tells another story. Every day as I pile more paperwork on top, I feel the little niggle of guilt that I have not dealt with this mess once again.

As I listened to The One You Feed podcast with guest Stephen Guise, the author of Elastic Habits, I had the realization that I was indeed a putter-offer of things. The author talked about beginning his exercise program with one push-up a day. Most of us start an exercise routine by thinking about the end goal. For instance, 100 push-ups a day. Unfortunately, 100 push-ups a day is daunting, and as a result, we often don’t start at all. Stephen started with one push-up a day. He usually did more than that, but he began by telling himself he only had to do one. That inspired me.

I keep looking at my filing in-box and thinking I have to file ALL of it in one sitting. I don’t. I can start with one piece of paper today. If I do more than that, it is a gold star day.

What can you do today to start your new year’s intention? Maybe it is one minute of meditation or 10 minutes of yoga, or like me filing one piece of paper. Let me know in the comments.

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