The Next Right Thing

There is so much confusion in the world right now that it can be overwhelming. This overwhelm can create a state of paralysis within us. We don’t know what to do, so nothing gets done. We may want to do “something,” but fear keeps us from moving forward.

Instead, we allow ourselves to become bombarded with news, information, YouTube, and social media that we get sucked down the rabbit hole, and before you know it, we are in even more fear.

I remember being in A.A. many years ago, and the Old Timers would say, “When in doubt, do the next right thing.” I still follow this saying to this day. This morning, I woke up confused and disturbed by the state of the world again. Then, I remembered these words, and I calmed down. I went and brushed my teeth, practiced some pranayam, and then wrote in my journal.

The next right thing is as simple as brushing our teeth. When that is done, ask what the next right thing is. Do that and then ask again, and so on. The next right thing always shows up when you ask. Give it a try, and let me know how it has worked for you.

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My Last Option

It began in January of this year (2021). It started with a tingling in my feet. Over the next few weeks, it gradually moved up my legs and into my hands. I didn’t think too much about it at first, but it got a little bit worse each day. The pain in my hands and my feet would keep me awake at night. Ibuprofen wouldn’t alleviate the pain.

In February, I started to see the doctors. They ran every test imaginable: blood work, neurological tests, muscle tests, and MRI. Nothing showed up as being wrong. I stopped getting tested once they suggested a spinal tap. They diagnosed me with idiopathic neuropathy. Idiopathic means they don’t know the cause of my pain.

I also went to a naturopath, who diagnosed me with Lyme’s Disease. I thought this was it! I’ve had it before, and I know how to treat this. But, unfortunately, the treatment didn’t change anything.

In April, I went on Bioidentical Hormone’s thinking that some of my symptoms could be related to menopause. Once I started the HRT, I began to feel better . . . until I didn’t.

My symptoms began to get worse. I could no longer feel my hands and my feet. They felt as though they were amputated. My sleep was poor, and I had chronic fatigue, brain fog, nausea, and headaches. The list of symptoms goes on and on.

I intuitively knew that something I was eating created these symptoms in my body even though the doctors tested me for oxalates and Celiac Disease. When talking this over with my partner, he suggested I go on the Carnivore Diet as an elimination diet. I immediately agreed.

I knew that if I was going to find out what the culprit was, I needed to take out all plant-based foods and beverages. Within 24-hours of being on the elimination diet, I could feel my hands and feet again! I knew I was on the right track. However, once I could feel my hands and feet, the pain that the numbness was masking showed up. I had a hard time walking very far before my body couldn’t go any further. Even washing my hair and typing was an effort. Teaching six yoga classes a week became impossible.

The first three weeks on the diet were difficult for numerous reasons. First, my food choices are limited. Meat, water, and salt were all I had the first two weeks. On week three, I added eggs and a bit of butter. Next, I tried adding goat dairy and honey, but my food addict reared her head once I added the honey. I started to backslide physically and had to cut out the dairy and the honey.

Three days into the diet, my hypoglycemia and anxiety left. I didn’t even realize I had anxiety until I felt this consistent calm within me.

About a week in, my skin started to change. The skin on my neck became tighter, the crepey skin on my arms and legs lessened, and cellulite isn’t as apparent. I lost three pounds within a few days, which I think was water weight. Also, there is more fluidity in my joints. They had been stiff and sore for years. I thought it was due to the natural progression of age.

I am now into week five of this elimination diet, and I am about 50% improved. I still have a ways to go, but I am feeling better each day. I took off most of August from my teaching schedule so give my body time to heal. That immediately helped my body begin to recover. The time off has helped me see where I need to make changes in my work life.

There is so much more to share as I continue on this journey. I hadn’t realized the depth of my food addiction until I eliminated so much food from my daily life. But that is a post for another day.

I didn’t just jump into this diet willy nilly. I had done it before when I had trouble with my kidneys. I was feeling great on it, but during the year of COVID, my diet backslid. I plan to continue on this simple diet through the end of the year.

Here are some resources if you would like to dip a toe into the Carnivore Lifestyle.


The Carnivore Code by Paul Saladino, MD

Dr. Ken Berry

Mikhaila Peterson – How she cured her arthritis with a carnivore diet

Dr. Shawn Baker

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From Addiction to Self-Love

I’ve never posted anything like this before. Showing my body is not something I would ever do in the past. Primarily because of body dysmorphia and shame. I have hidden my body and reviled it for most of my adult life. This past year I set out on a journey to heal my body image issues and my food addictions. I feel as if I have done both.

Do I do it perfectly, or do I love myself every day? No! But most days, I can feel and see my beauty. I am becoming more grounded in my body as I become stronger through lifting weights. I manage my food addiction with a regular structure that I follow steadily, if not always gracefully. The structure gives me peace, and exercise makes me feel at one in my body instead of separate from it.

Not being fully in my body made it impossible to be present in my life. The standards of perfection that pervade our world sets us up for self-loathing and perpetual dissatisfaction. This striving for perfection distracts us from the more important aspects of our soul journey, mainly self-awareness and self-love.

I am proud of how far I have come in the past year. That is why I can show you these photos that are very vulnerable for me. It’s been about 15 years since I’ve permitted myself to wear a bikini. I have never allowed myself to be photographed in one before. Thank you for witnessing my journey.

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Stop Apologizing

If you are familiar with The Twelve Steps, you may think this is a radical statement. In Step Four, we make a fearless and moral inventory of ourselves.

In Step Five, we admit to a Higher Power the exact nature of our wrongs.

In Step Eight, we make a list of all those we have harmed and do our best to make amends to those we may have injured along the way.

In most cases, these are all powerful ways to begin our recovery journey.

If you are like me and have suffered from Not Good Enough Syndrome, these steps can lead us down a path of shame.

What do I mean when I say stop apologizing?

Stop apologizing for who you are. You are a human being who sometimes burns dinner. You may be someone who forgets to get the milk at the store. Some days you may need rest instead of doing the dishes. You, are human.

You are perfect in your imperfection.

Continue to take inventory and make amends when you have hurt another. Do not make yourself wrong for being human.

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Fear Is Seductive

I watched a Youtube video by Elizabeth Peru the other day, and she talked about fear being seductive. I invite you to sit with that for a moment and see if that is true for you. I know it got my attention. I can get caught up in the world’s drama and forget that my nervous system is being affected by engaging in the news, dark television shows, too much social media, etc. We are constantly fed fear which in turn breeds more fear.

These behaviors get us overly excited, and constant excitement can be addictive. Boredom can drive us to want even more excitement.

As recovering addicts, we look for stimulus in new ways, forgetting how certain behaviors like engaging in social media, doom scrolling, and binge-watching Netflix can negatively affect our serenity.

I don’t believe that we need to eliminate these things from our life completely. I believe balance is the key. Balance can be a hard nut to crack for people like us. We tend to be all or nothing.

I encourage you to “check-in” with yourself before you engage in any activity. Will this action, for instance, watching the news, or a television show, affect you positively or negatively? Ask yourself, am I avoiding being with myself by my time spent on social media? This is far from a perfect solution, but it can start redirecting your energy to more peaceful pursuits.

Feel free to share with me your thoughts and/or suggestions around this topic. We can all grow from each other’s wisdom and experience.

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Trauma & Addiction

In this video Dr. Gabor Mate describes the connection between early childhood trauma and addiction that many mental health professionals miss. Let me know if you want more of these types of resources.

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Are you interested in a really cool yoga mat with my original artwork or photography on it. You can look at them here.

Impermanence or This Too Shall Pass

I am reading a book by author Kevin Griffin entitled Buddhism & The Twelve Steps. This book is a daily reflection with thoughts on dharma and recovery. I was looking for something outside the box of the traditional 12 steps that I learned in A.A. and came across this gem.

The February 9th reading is about impermanence. I have been struggling with some unresolved health issues lately, and I have been afraid. When I am in fear, I binge eat. As I reflected on this behavior, I was reminded through this reading that the one thing I can count on is change, even my behaviors. When I look at change in this light, it takes the shame out of my binge eating. I know this behavior is something I want to shift in my life, and I am taking action towards that goal. I trust that I can and will change because change is inevitable. This, in turn, gives me hope.

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Are you interested in a really cool yoga mat with my original artwork or photography on it. You can look at them here.