Becoming Real

I recently had a conversation with my Spirit Guide, Grandfather. This is what he said about loving ourselves.

Artwork by Katelyn Mariah

Della: What do we need to know today?

Grandfather: Cherish yourself above all others.

Della: That sounds selfish to me.

Grandfather: That is because you have been falsely taught.

Della: What do you mean?

Grandfather: Your culture/society has undermined your natural ability to love yourself. It is in loving yourself that you will find actualization. You will find your Self. 

When I looked up the word actualize, it means to make real. I immediately thought of the story of Pinocchio. Pinocchio is a puppet that longs to become a “real” boy. He goes on many misadventures before he finds himself. Pinocchio is our story. Before we can become actualized or real, we often make many mistakes. The quickest path to becoming “real” is, therefore, through self-love. 

When we love ourselves, we can discern the difference between generosity and giving ourselves away. Loving ourselves teaches us to set healthy boundaries and leads us to listen to our bodies instead of becoming ill before we hear.

When we love ourselves, we can love others in a healthy way.

Painting by Katelyn Mariah. You can find more of her fabulous artwork here.

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The word enlightenment conjures up images of a long-bearded yogi sitting serenely in lotus pose on a mountain top. People wanting to know how to become enlightened themselves sitting at his feet. That idea of enlightenment seems daunting and impossible to achieve when in reality, the opposite is true. Enlightenment means letting go of our burdens. Our burdens can be our addictions, co-dependencies, or traumas of the past. Maybe we need to “lighten up” a little and not take ourselves so seriously. In any case, enlightenment is available to all of us, and it doesn’t take years of yoga and meditation to get there. It just takes a willingness to let go and let our Higher Power take the driver seat for a little while.

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