Radical Self-Care

Taking care of yourself is hard.

From a young age, I learned that idleness was frowned upon. The more productive you were, the more you were worth. I don’t think anyone ever said this to me out loud. But, it was the message I received non-the-less.

I posted on social media the other day how I used to feel guilty for napping. That somehow, I was weak or lazy for needing to rest. But, napping has become a necessary part of my road to wellness. So, I am fiercely protective of my naps now. I say that as if I had to wage war to be able to get a nap in. I did, in a sense, with myself.

Someone commented on that same post asking me how I stopped feeling guilty. I said I decided too. It’s that simple and that hard. My body didn’t give me an option to feel guilty any longer. My body’s needs superseded my old programming. The messages I told myself in the past about resting no longer held the power they once did.

It takes energy to feel bad about yourself. I no longer had any to play the guilt game. There are other ways I have learned to take care of myself during my wellness journey. I listen to my body in ways I didn’t before. I spend more time doing nothing. I am working smarter, not harder, for my business. I am slowing down in every way. And, in that slowing down, I find Presence.

I would love to hear how you take care of yourself. Has it been a process like mine, or does it come easily to you?

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