the feeling that what is wanted can be had or that events will turn out for the best.

Last summer, my husband and I bought a struggling plant that no one else wanted. Unfortunately, I don’t have much of a green thumb for plants or flowers. I joke that plants come to my house to die.

We brought the plant home and replanted it into a bigger pot, and left it outside, where our chickens proceeded to slowly eat away at its struggling tender leaves. We put it up higher than the chickies could reach, watered it regularly, and it flourished. When the cold weather came, we brought it inside. One by one, the flowers fell off, and it began to look sadder every day.

I began to think that this was one more plant that I had brought home to die. My husband felt that it was simply not getting enough light, so we moved it to where it could get more sun.

One day a miracle occurred! A flower bloomed! And, then another, and another, and it filled my heart with such joy. It reminded me that even in the darkest times, miracles happen. What we think may be dying may only need more light to bloom again. You are that light.

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“We began to realize that we needed help beyond our own thinking and actions in order to solve this problem.”

The Twelve Steps for Everyone

My disordered eating was getting out of hand. I was feeling bloated and uncomfortable in my body with strong leanings towards self-loathing. I would have streaks of binge eating and then restrictive eating. Back and forth, back and forth. I remember lying in bed one night and praying to the Powers That Be that I needed help. Trying to do this on my own wasn’t working.

As I surrendered, the Still Small Voice Within reminded me how Kundalini Yoga had helped me in the past. I took a break from that technology for the past couple of years, and it was time to revisit this yogic system. The next morning I got up, and I found a meditation for addictions and began practicing it every day. I felt immediately better, more in control without being controlling.

I remember 31 years ago, when I entered my first A.A. meeting, how the people there immediately accepted me. It was that acceptance that gave me hope that I could get sober. I knew the same would be true this time around. That is why I created the Saturday morning Kundalini Yoga class for addiction recovery. It isn’t enough to just do the yoga and meditation. I needed community. The sharing after the yoga portion of the class is what gives each of us hope for recovery. When we can share our experiences with one another, we know that we are not alone. That is the beginning of our healing. There lies our hope.

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