Wellness Hack: Zoodles

I am not sure who first thought of spiralizing a zucchini in noodle shapes, but she was a genius. Of course, you can see I am assuming it was a woman. It’s such a simple pleasure, the noodle. But unfortunately, those luscious, carb and calorie-laden pieces of yummy goodness are dangerous to most of us. Too many carbs can make my blood sugars wonky. So, when I took refined carbs out of my diet, I had to devise a plan. Enter the zucchini.

This simple, phallic-looking summer squash has a neutral flavor that easily complements any sauce you pour over it.

I get out my little spiralizing machine, and within about a minute, I have a beautiful plate of zoodles. I put them in the microwave for about a minute and then top them with whatever I please. They are low carb and low calorie—the perfect wellness hack for a healthy lifestyle.

I would love to hear how you top your zoodles. Please leave me a message in the comments below.

Here is the zoodle maker I use.

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