Is There A Difference Between Soul & Spirit?

While in conversation with my guides, I asked if there was a difference between Soul and spirit. The following is the message that came through.

You are not only a soul; you are spirit incarnate. Spirit and Soul are all part of the Infinite Oneness. To live in the experience of this dimension, you had to believe you were separate from your Soul. Spirit is what animates your body. Prana (Spirit) breathes life into your being. The more Spirit or Prana, the more life force, i.e., energy you have access to.

Spirit = Prana = Life Force

Ways to Experience More Life Force:

  • If your battery (physical body) has a low charge, you will feel fatigued. The best way to charge your battery is through the breath (prana). So when you are tired, breathe.
  • Another way to charge your battery is water. Water conducts energy. Drink lots of water! Bathe in it, swim in it, meditate by a body of water. It will recharge you.
  • Appreciation. When you are in a state of appreciation, your whole being is energized. Connect with Nature, and finding things to be grateful for will renew you.
  • Be present. Nothing drains your body as fast as dwelling in the past or the future. 

So then, what is the Soul? Find out the answer in part 2 of this conversation.

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