Art Gallery

Each painting is an 8" x 8" original watercolor.

Make me an offer:

When considering the amount you want to purchase your favorite painting for, consider these three things:

1. Art supplies - The artist has to pay for paper, paint, and other miscellaneous art supplies. This gets to be expensive.

2. The time and effort put into each piece, not to mention heart and soul.

3. What does your heart say the painting is worth? Your mind will say one amount, and your heart may say another. Please follow your heart.

4. The artist will charge you $5 for shipping and handling on top of the amount offered.

Please email me here with your offer. Put the name of the piece you desire to purchase along with your amount in the body of your email.

Moon Over Mountain Lake


Heart Activation

Space Odyssey

Wolf Moon






Blue Boat

Purple Mountains