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Where art, yoga, and intuitive services converge to inspire holistic well-being and self-expression. Founded by Della Webb in 2005, we offer a unique blend of creativity, mindfulness, and intuitive guidance to help individuals navigate their personal journey of self-discovery.

Through our art services, we provide exquisite and thought-provoking artwork that stirs emotions and sparks conversations. Each piece is carefully crafted with passion, conveying messages of beauty, resilience, and interconnectedness. Our diverse collection ranges from vibrant abstract paintings to serene nature compositions, allowing you to find art that resonates with your soul.

In the realm of yoga, we offer a sanctuary for practitioners of all levels. Della is a skilled instructor who creates a nurturing environment where you can explore the harmony between body and mind. Whether you seek to refine your practice, relieve stress, or cultivate inner peace, our yoga sessions embrace mindfulness and encourage personal growth. Additionally, we provide intuitive services to help individuals tap into their inner wisdom and gain clarity in various aspects of life.

Through intuitive readings, energy healing, and spiritual counseling, we guide you to unlock your true potential, overcome obstacles, and discover a deeper connection with your intuition. At Inner Peace Movement Studio, we are committed to creating a space that fosters self-expression, self-care, and personal growth. Join us on this transformative journey as we support you in creating a life filled with art, mindfulness, and alignment with your true self.

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What our yoga students and healing clients say about Della

Della is one of the best yoga teachers I have worked with. I started in her kundalini class where she paid attention to each of us in the class so that we stretched but didn’t over do. She modified, encouraged, pushed and provided mental guidance to help us push to the next level. It’s why I keep coming back.

We did a past life regression hoping to discover and heal my blood phobia. After session we also made a sort of “action plan” of what I could do if I started to feel a panic attack coming. Well, I just wanted you to know that I had to give several viles of blood for my annual physical and I didn’t have a panic attack! No sweating, no shaking or shallow breathing. Yes I still laid down to be safe. Yes I was still nervous. But I was able to get the experience without the embarrassment and trauma that I had experienced my whole life. Thank you so much for your work with me. Luckily I don’t have to deal with this often but this breakthrough is still life changing for me! So Thank You!

I have been working with Della Webb on numerous issues for over a decade. She has worked with me on everything from Acid Reflux to Past Life Regression to understand why I am overeating. She is incredibly intuitive, a talented healer, and with her Native American Spirit Guide Grandfather she is always spot on with her readings. Della’s caring heart and desire to help everyone she encounters make it seem like you are talking to a good friend rather than a disembodied voice on the other end of the phone. I was having digestive issues, and my stomach hurt After mentioning it during a reading, Della advised that something was wrong with what I was eating. She intuited that there was too much fat in my diet, so I cut my fat intake in half. It solved the problem, and I have not had any issues since. I love that Della helps me with most things and then sends me to the correct person I need to see if she deems it necessary. I have gone to other Psychic/Intuitive people over the years, and Della is beyond compare!

I had the pleasure of receiving an energy scan and healing from Della.  Through this scan, Della was able to point out the pain in my stomach and lower back in exact detail. She guided me through the breathing process and what foods would be best for me. After the session, I felt hopeful that these pains could be managed with the tools she gave me. The stomach and back pain has improved substantially since this session.  I would highly recommend the Energy Scan and healing session to anyone

Della is a Gifted pet communicator. She was able to hone in on a physical issue my dog Goofball had that I was unaware of. He had very bad breath, had some intermittent drooling, was lethargic, felt hot, and had a loose tooth and loss of appetite. > > Della was able to tell me that the loose tooth was not causing him any pain. When she remotely scanned him, Della revealed that my dog's digestion was being affected by an abscessed molar, which was creating a sick tummy. By performing remote energy work, Della was able to cool down the infection. She recommended specific supplements that would support his healing. By following Della's Guidance to the T, Goofball experienced remarkably quick results. The swelling of his gums diminished and went from red to pink. He has stopped drooling, his breath is much better, his appetite has returned and his bowel movements are back to normal. Goofball and I are beyond grateful for Della’s Divinely Intuitive Gifts and remarkable Remote energy work skills!

Della is the most intuitive yoga instructor with whom I’ve studied. I struggled with intractable spinal injury pain and struggled to walk and thought I’d never be able to do yogasans again. However, when I decided to give kundalini yoga a go, I found that her gentle approach with integrated pranayam and energy healing, my back began to truly heal … from the inside out. Following her approach daily keeps me pain free . I’ve been free from relapse for over 3 months!

Della is the most intuitive yoga instructor I have ever experienced. Her services of healing sessions, decording workshops, guided meditations, email access, and overall comfort she provides to me over the years is truly a blessing.


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