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Meal Extender: Oats

What are meal extenders? A meal extender is an ingredient you can add to a recipe to reduce the overall cost but increase the number of servings. Today, let’s talk about oats. Whether you are fond of old-fashioned or quick oats, adding them to dishes is yummy! Oats are nutrient-dense little powerhouses. They are loaded…

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Sugar-Free Strawberry Sauce

More and more these days, I am moving away from processed foods. That means I am doing more from-scratch cooking. Since creating my Flax Waffle recipe, I have wanted to top it with some wholesome goodness, so I came up with this sugar-free strawberry sauce. I hope you like it. I use monk fruit sweetener … Continue reading Sugar-Free Strawberry Sauce

Wellness Hack: Zoodles

I am not sure who first thought of spiralizing a zucchini in noodle shapes, but she was a genius. Of course, you can see I am assuming it was a woman. It’s such a simple pleasure, the noodle. But unfortunately, those luscious, carb and calorie-laden pieces of yummy goodness are dangerous to most of us. … Continue reading Wellness Hack: Zoodles

Flax Waffle Recipe

I have recently gone off grains and was missing having my Saturday morning waffle. I came up with this little beauty and have been enjoying them just as much as I would an ordinary grain based waffle. Resources: Here is the Waffle Maker I use. Bob’s Red Ground Flax Walden Farm’s Strawberry Syrup


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